Indoor and Outdoor reminders are pre-installed for easy setup.

Includes 15 Indoor and 3 Outdoor Reminders

Replace Furnace Filter, A/C Cleaning & Tune-up, Change Humidifier Pad, Humidifier Cleaning, HRV Cleaning, Duct Cleaning, Clean Fresh Air Intake Hood Screens, Clean Dryer Vent, Replace Thermostat Batteries, Replace Carbon Monoxide Batteries, Replace Smoke Detector Batteries, Replace Smoke Detector, Sump Pump, Water Softener, Water Treatment, Empty Septic Tank, Evestrough Cleaning

Setup Your Own Reminders

Create your own reminders by adding a primary category and then enter in a sub-category reminder. For instance, the main category can be Automotive and your sub-category would be the reminder, such as oil change, or tire rotation. You can setup as many categories or reminders you need! Once they are setup, you can view them in the Reminder List by interval date.



Instant Notifications

Your phone will give you instant notifications when the reminder date has come. You can setup reminders with our pre-installed intervals, or setup your own reminder dates and intervals.

"Keeps all my reminders handy"

" I love this app. I have put all of my typical household to-do's into the app and set the reminders using the pre-installed intervals. It's great because I don't have to guess when my furnace filter should be replaced because the app tells me - every 3 months! Tasks like replacing filters, changing batteries, are all setup quick and easy, plus I can view my reminders by interval, like daily, or monthly reminders. I have even put in reminders like changing the oil in the truck and rotating the tires. Forgetful? not any more." - Jerry




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